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RAM Memory Upgrades » Acer Server » Altos G700

Technical Data and Information

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This system can be upgraded to max. 6GB memory.
There are 6 memory slots.
These are organised in 3 memory banks.
Standard installed Server-RAM is 512MB.
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The 1GB Memory Upgrade for Acer Server G700 has Referencenumber SO.11242.480, SO.M1GBD.001 Immediate Delivery
4 available


Memory Upgrade consists of one memory module with 1GB - ECC
Order #: CRM1024D/ACG51-S001203   Quickcode: XXBB3
OEM Part #: SO.11242.480, SO.M1GBD.001
€ 23,40 net
€ 27,85 incl. VAT


The 512MB Memory Upgrade for Acer Server G700 has Referencenumber SO.10409.110, SO.96280.791 Delivery Time
on Request

512MB - ECC

Memory Upgrade consists of one memory module with 512MB - ECC
Order #: CRM512D/ACG51-S001203   Quickcode: XXBB5
OEM Part #: SO.10409.110, SO.96280.791
on Request


Memory upgrade Server » Altos G700

  • Altos G700 server memory modules: Certified compatibility

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    The server memory modules listed above have been certified by us for your Altos G700 server. That means we vouch for the compatibility of the memory modules and additionally provide an extended guarantee for their functionality. CompuRAM memory modules can act like an original component to supplement RAM already installed or to be used as a spare part.

    In compliance with the Acer guidelines on memory upgrades, it is possible to run RAM modules from different manufacturers alongside each other in the same servers.
    Please note: The figures given in the product description for criteria such as speed and timings are the minimum specifications listed by Acer and are provided for reference purposes only. For our upgrades, we always use the most current and fastest DRAMs. That means, that we typically provide upgrades that allow an even higher timing than neccessary for your system.

  • CompuRAM memory modules for your safety: Retention of device guarantee and top quality

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    If you install a CompuRAM memory module in your Altos G700 server, this does not affect the manufacturer’s device guarantee; most manufacturers mention this explicitly in their guarantee conditions. Servers are meant to be adapted to the specific requirements of their target infrastructure. Your entitlement to a guarantee will therefore remain unaffected by when the slots and ports intended for hardware expansions are used appropriately.

    By the way, CompuRAM memory modules are usually made using the same manufacturing processes and by the same manufacturers as the original memory installed by the server producers. Their quality is in no way inferior. The same technologies – such as ECC, SDCC or Chipkill – that are required by a given chipset for the safe running of a server are also integrated in our memory modules. Our modules also support functions such as memory mirroring, memory scrubbing and memory sparing.

  • Far-sighted RAM upgrades: Our services for raising productivity

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    You can dramatically crank up the overall performance of your Acer Altos G700 with a memory upgrade. It is precisely new technologies like 64-bit operating systems, virtualisation, cloud computing, data mining and high-performance computing with modern multi-core CPUs that benefit directly from a memory increase.

    CompuRAM is there to assist you as an expert service partner so that you can immediately use the newly installed memory productively. Your Altos G700 will also meet future requirements. We will carefully analyse the current condition of the server infrastructure with you and then determine what is required: Which RAM configuration has been used to date? What is your desired capacity and what kind of timing do you need? To what extent can existing memory modules be retained? We make recommendations on this basis and draw up an individual quote with reference to maximum future upgrade levels.

    Help in choosing and installing new RAM modules as well as extensive useful information on all aspects of RAM and memory can be found on our blog.
    We are always ready to assist you with help and advice.

  • What if the upgrade you’re looking for isn’t listed here? We’re prepared for that too.

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    Can’t find the capacity you want for your Altos G700 server or a specific memory module you need on our website? Please get in touch with your query.
    For reasons of clarity, we are unable to list all the many possible module versions and combinations individually on our website. The relevant RAM modules are nonetheless in our portfolio, and we are happy to deliver them to you at short notice.

  • Maximum RAM upgrade level: What is actually possible?

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    If the maximum RAM upgrade we specify for the Altos G700 server is greater than the figure specified by Acer, this means that we have intentionally revised the figure upwards. The background to this is explained in our blog post ‘Maximise the maximum?’.

  • Making the best use of installed RAM

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    If you have 4 GB RAM or more installed in your Acer Altos G700 Server, you will need a 64-bit server operating system in order to take full advantage of this capacity. Here you will find an overview of maximum addressable RAM in all popular operating systems.

  • SSD in server operation: Top speed even for heavyweight applications

    Samsung SSD SM843T PM853T Solid state drives in the Samsung SM843T or the cost-optimzed PM853T Series offers significant advantages in professional server operations, fast access times and high transfer rates. Particularly when operating heavily used, I/O-intensive enterprise applications, flash-based memory modules help achieve maximum productivity.
    Additionally, SSDs are not only more robust and resistant to temperature fluctuations but also contribute significantly to energy efficiency in the data centre. They use less electricity than conventional hard drives and produce hardly any waste heat, which minimises cooling requirements. And there’s more: SSDs save space, as they can be packaged in smaller casings.
    The Samsung SM843T and PM853T series is ideally suited for server operations:
    Its lifespan is 18 times longer than that of normal SSDs in writing-intensive roles. Thanks to its RAID capability and data loss protection, the SM843T and also the PM853T SSD can meet the most exacting requirements for high availability in server operations.

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