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RAM Memory Upgrades » Lenovo Notebook » Ideapad Z500 Z-Series

Technical Data and Information

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This system can be upgraded to max. 16GB memory.
There are 2 memory slots.
Lenovo Notebook Ideapad Z500 Z-Series
Lenovo Notebook Ideapad Z500 Z-Series
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The 16GB Memory Upgrade for Lenovo Notebook Z500 has Referencenumber 16GB DUAL CHANNEL MemoryKit (2 x 0A65724) Immediate Delivery
>100 available

16GB - PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz 204pin SO-DIMM DDR3

Memory Upgrade Kit consists of 2 memory modules with each 8GB
Order #: CRK16D3/LEA65724-S005656   Quickcode: X5B70
OEM Part #: 16GB DUAL CHANNEL MemoryKit (2 x 0A65724)
€ 139,80 net
€ 166,36 incl. VAT


The 8GB Memory Upgrade for Lenovo Notebook Z500 has Referencenumber 0A65724 Immediate Delivery
>100 available

8GB - PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz 204pin SO-DIMM DDR3

Memory Upgrade consists of one memory module with 8GB
Order #: CRM8D3/LEA65724-S005656   Quickcode: X5B71
OEM Part #: 0A65724
€ 73,80 net
€ 87,82 incl. VAT


The 4GB Memory Upgrade for Lenovo Notebook Z500 has Referencenumber 0A65723 Immediate Delivery
>100 available

4GB - PC3-12800 DDR3-1600MHz 204pin SO-DIMM DDR3

Memory Upgrade consists of one memory module with 4GB
Order #: CRM4D3/LEA65723-S005656   Quickcode: X5B72
OEM Part #: 0A65723
€ 44,80 net
€ 53,31 incl. VAT

Memory upgrade Notebook » Ideapad Z500

  • RAM compatibility guaranteed

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    We certified the offered 16GB, 8GB and 4GB memory upgrades for Ideapad Z500 Notebook. For this reason, we ensure the compatibility of the memory. Just like the original accessories, our CompuRAM modules can additionally be integrated next to existing memory or used as spare parts for your system. Following the specifications and instructions of Lenovo the memories can be easily used next to each other with different capacities and from a variety of different manufacturers. In exceptional cases, we point out special instructions.

    Please note that the values indicated in the item description, for example those concerning the speed rates and timings, are for your information only. These are the minimum technical specifications by Lenovo. For our modules we always use the most current and fastest DRAMs. That means, that we typically provide memory modules that allow an even higher timing than neccessary for your system.

    Regardless of whether you are Lenovo Notebook- User, resell your computer, install or operate your system - as a competent partner we advise you in every matter with regard to memory.

  • Warranty will not void if using CompuRAM accessories

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    It's good to know that installing CompuRAM memory as accessories or spare parts for your Lenovo-computer has no influence on the manufacturer's warranty – most of the manufacturers refer to this explicity in their warranty conditions. With appropriate handling of the hardware upgrade interfaces or slots, your warranty claim remains valid.

    By the way: The CompuRAM-storage modules normally originate from the same production process of the manufacturer, just like the so-called original memory of the system manufacturer.

  • Simple procedure, great effect: Notebook memory upgrade of your Ideapad Z500

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    notebookspeicher einbauen

    Start again working smooth and efficient with your Lenovo Notebook - the procedure of upgrading is done quick and easy. You can access the RAM slots in most of the notebooks through a removable cover at the bottom side. Click here for a sample video.

    Our blog offers you a large range of market information, support and tutorials. As a matter of course, we also assist you with help and advice.

  • How to make optimal use of your memory

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    Please note: If your Lenovo notebook can be upgraded with more than 4GB, you need a 64-Bit operating system in order to take advantage of the actual capacity.

    With reference to older systems, it can occur that the operating system just works with parts of the installed memory due to resource-related issues. Any concerns related to technical background information or potential upgrade possibilites are indicated in our blog article "When the operating system shows less usable memory capacity...".

  • Maximum RAM upgrade level: What is actually possible?

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    If the maximum RAM upgrade we specify for the Ideapad Z500 notebook is greater than the figure specified by Lenovo, this means that we have intentionally revised the figure upwards. The background to this is explained in our blog post ‘Maximise the maximum?’.

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    SSD Upgrade more performance

    Replace your notebook hard drive with an SSD – using our modification guide.

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