100% compatible generic RAM modules for you!

With our free compatibility check for generic RAM modules, we can now recommend a 100% compatible RAM module for your respective system in record time. We proudly present you the new service!

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| Katharina Krug | Comments Off on 100% compatible generic RAM modules for you!

If you are looking for the suitable RAM for your system, then CompuRAM is the right choice. In our permanently updated database,you can choose from a grand selection of system specifications. If you don’t find yours, then please contact us. If you build your system on the basis of a certain motherboard and look out for a special RAM product, our generic RAM modules are right for you. We have now developed a special service, which helps you to safely and quickly get to your 100% compatible generic RAM module. In our compatibility check, we test, if the system is working properly in the chosen configuration.

Compatibility check on our CompuRAM website

With our new CompuRAM compatibility check, you will find the exactly matching RAM module with just a few clicks. We do it for you! That’s how it works:

Step 1:
Choose your respective memory type in the “Generic RAM modules” category. Then, select between DIMMs and SO-DIMMs in several standard versions with particular contact numbers. While DIMMs are built into computers and workstations, SO-DIMMs mainly get placed into notebook systems.


Step 2

As soon as you add a product to the shopping cart, the CompuRAM compatibility check appears. You aren’t on your own! We guarantee a 100% compatible generic RAM module.

Step 3
If you would like a free and nonbinding compatibility check from our support, then click on “Next”. However, if you want to order your generic RAM module immediately and without a pre-check, then type your computer system, respectively laptop model under “Specification of the target system”. In fact, we don’t just send you a RAM module, your order is checked for compatibility in any case. No stress for you! The utter satisfaction of our clients is no.1 priority at CompuRAM.

Step 4:
When you choose the pre-check, you only have to type in a few data. Leave your “contact information”, so that we can inform you about the results of the check. Under “system data”, specify your target system. You can mostly find the name of your manufacturer and model, respectively indication on the computer case or on a nameplate on the back of your device. If you can’t find any of this information, then please use our system analysis tool and send us the file created by the tool directly via the form (“file of system destination”).


Step 5

After you have sent your system information, we will check your request and will immediately provide the result of the compatibility check to you.