Checklist: Four steps to an effective RAM upgrade…

… in order to enjoy long use from modules and performance

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Would you like to upgrade your system with additional memory? To ensure that you can enjoy the benefit of your new RAM modules and enhanced system performance for a long time, you should consider the following points:

1. Professional advice on choosing the correct upgrades

Memory modules and upgrades exist in all imaginable specifications for all systems of well-known manufacturers. However, inefficient memory upgrades often result in unexpected and high follow-up costs.
With our long-standing technical know-how, we support you in determining the optimal and sustainable memory upgrades for your particular systems.

Some typical questions we discuss with you include:

  • How do I upgrade optimally with regard to the already-existing memory? What clock speed do the existing modules have?
  • Should my system be upgraded to the maximum immediately or only partly? Which memory configuration or module organization allows a later maximum upgrade?
  • Depending on individual applications, which different module specifications may be reasonable (e.g. with or non-ECC, Dual-Channel mode for memory-intense applications like graphics/video)?

2. Exact specification of the system that shall be upgraded

In every case, to determine the optimal memory upgrade it is helpful to know the exact system specifications: What is the exact system indication, which chipset and memory modules are already installed in what slot? How to get the relevant system information without using a screw driver, we explain in our blog article „Photo Tutorial: Windows Hardware Information by Mouse Click with the RAMinator“.

3. Check if your system uses the latest BIOS version

Before installing additional memory, it is not strictly necessary, but in many cases useful to update the system BIOS – if there is a new version available. We’ve written up some useful background information as well as some tips on the handling in the following blog articles:

4. Prepare and realize carefully the memory installation

Your newly acquired memory upgrade is already waiting for installation? Congratulations! With a carefully equipped workplace and some basic precautions, the mounting of RAM modules is quick and easy. We can show you the way – just take a look at our manual “Installing new memory modules – a short guide” to find out how!

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    The ways which are given here can be useful for the users as they will do the process to make an effective ram upgrade and the users just have to follow the post as it has given.


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