Happy Birthday, RAMinator!

It has been a year since the launch of our unique analysis tool which has helped numerous clients to identify their system specifications in no time. A resume.

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We counted more than 6.200 downloads and 4.300 related reports of our home made system analysis tool RAMinator in its first year.

By now, we have come to the conclusion that there is currently no competition for our RAMinator which is able to determine all relevant specifications of a system within seconds. The significant difference is the type of analysis: RAMinator not only reads out the Windows registry, it carries out a range of queries that no similar analysis tool currently does.

So far, the RAMinator had a success rate of 100% when it comes to the correct classification of the system. This means, the tool is able to read out system parameters and identify the system type, regardless whether a compatible memory for this system is available at CompuRAM or not.

Following the analysis, an immediate match was found for 80% of the identified systems within our database which resulted in picking the compatible memory and offering it directly to the customer. Through a link provided by our database, the customer is directed to the relevant products in the web shop and can easily finalize his upgrade.

The remaining 20 percent are being handled by the CompuRAM team manually – it is possible that the manufacturer is not listed in the database, it is a consumer PC or a home-made machine. In any case, the user receives a reply within an hour during opening hours after using the RAMinator.

Accordingly, the feedback of the users regarding the RAMinator is all positive. They are delighted with the very fast and reliable system analysis and the related purchase advice for a successful upgrade. Especially regular customers love to use the tool as it saves them a lot of time and hassle.

With this in mind: Happy Birthday, RAMinator! Here’s to many years of sophisticated system analysis!

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