How to update your BIOS (Lenovo)

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A simple video tutorial for all PC users who want to upgrade their BIOS version – in this example by using a Lenovo notebook:

Step 1: Please open the „PC-Doc“ in the lower horizontal picture bar or go to the Start menu, search for “PC DOC” and double click on the System icon in the Control Panel.

Step 2: When the PC Doctor is open, please choose the menu item “Latest software and driver updates” and afterwards “Lenovo driver update”.

Step 3: Now select “Obtain latest updates” and you will get all recommended updates after a short while.

Step 4: If there is a new BIOS version among the “recommended updates”, you can install it. Please follow the installation notes of your system manufacturer.
If you cannot find any new BIOS version among the “recommended updates”, the latest BIOS version is already installed on your PC.

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