Samsung Server SSD, but which one?

Samsung offers a variety of SSD, but what are the differences? And which SSD is best for which requirements? Our purchasing advice.

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The advantages of SSD compared to rotating hard drives are obvious: not only are they robust and have a low mechanical wear, they convince with their speed as well. SSD provide unbeatable pace when it comes to reading, writing or accessing data processes and are therefore mainly the first choice these days.

We have taken a look at various types of SSD that are produced by Samsung.

What are the differences between the evaluated types of SSD? Which are the significant criteria and – even more important – which Samsung SSD server is the most suitable one for your personal requirements and purposes?

For better comparison, you’ll find two HDD listed, one each for the interfaces SATA and SAS. This emphasizes the differences between the storage types SSD and HDD, besides the comparable criteria among SSD.

* The sequential write/read rate increases with the SSD capacity.
**Drive Writes Per Day/p>

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