Samsung Client SSD: Our Purchase Advice

SSD are on the rise and have clear advantages compared to traditional hard disk drives. We take a closer look where the differences between the models lie.

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Newer laptops and PCs are already delivered ex-factory with Solid State Drives. Also with older computers, it is worth thinking about the replacement of the integrated drive or an upgrade with an SSD in addition to the existing memory. SSD are extremely robust, work with little noise emission and rapid velocity.

Thanks to different form factors, there is no need to worry about space problems because even in very compact devices, SSD with M.2 form factor can be installed.

The question is which Samsung SSD is the right one for your requirements?

Samsung Client SSD for Notebook/Desktop in direct comparison
Our overview shall help you find the right SSD:
InterfaceSATA 6GB/sPCIe Gen3
Form factor2,5″mSATAM.2 (SATA)M.2 (NVMe)
Model860 EVOPM881860 PRO860 EVO mSATAPM881 M.2970 PRO NVMe M.2PM991 M.2 PCIePM981a NVMe M.2
Manufacturer warranty5 years limited warranty** or up to 600 TBW*5 years limited warranty** or up to 600 TBW*5 years limited warranty** or up to 1200TBW*5 years limited warranty** or up to 600TBW*5 years limited warranty** or up to 600TBW*5 years limited warranty** or up to 800TBW*5 years limited warranty**3 years limited warranty** (for OEM)
Suitable forMainstream PCs and laptopsMainstream PCs and laptopsHigh end PCs and workstationsCompact compu-ters and notebooksCompact compu-ters and notebooksCompact computers and powerful workstationsCompact computers and notebooksCompact computers and notebooks
Max. seq. read speed550 MB/s560 MB/s560 MB/s550 MB/s560 MB/s3500 MB/s2300 MB/s3000 MB/s
Max. seq. write speed520 MB/s530 MB/s530 MB/s530 MB/s530 MB/s2700 MB/s1350 MB/s1800 MB/s
ReleasedJanuary 2018October 2019January 2018January 2018October 2019April 2018January 2020October 2017
DatasheetPDF ↓PDF ↓PDF ↓PDF ↓
View in shopAll 860 EVOAll PM881All 860 PROEOLAll PM881 M.2All 970 PROAll PM991 M.2All PM981a NVMe M.2
* TBW= Terabytes Written = minimum of total write operations. Warranty is valid for whichever comes first. TBW is depending on the memory capacity of the drive (150TBW valid for 500GB/1TB). ** Samsung’s warranty does not cover any costs and expenses relating to SSDs’ overhaul/assembly and data recovery for repairs or replacements.

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  1. Robin Perker

    You should always read the comparison before buying one, or else you will regret after buying it.


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