Upgrade with Know-How: How 100% compatibility make a “satisfaction guarantee” at CompuRAM unnecessary

While in the consumer sector it is common to offer a money-back guarantee, it does not make sense within the business-to-business segment where suppliers are chosen mainly depending on schedules and cost control. Thus, in order to minimise the effort on the customer side, it is necessary as a supplier to provide the right goods instantly and avoid unnecessary advertising messages.

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Therefore, it is CompuRAM’s main objective, to satisfy every customer at the first go: with the 100% matching memory and a comprehensive support and service offer. In the world of RAM, it is not about taste or colour as it is the case with consumer goods; instead, it is all about the compatibility of upgradeable system and memory.

If you are not dealing with it on a daily base, the complexity of a memory upgrade can quickly ask too much of you. In addition, it becomes very annoying if the accidental purchase of the wrong product leads to scheduling trouble or high costs, e.g. because of production downtimes. This is why we – as a provider of consultancy-intensive products – consider it essential to invest time and effort in order to serve our customers satisfyingly. It often happens that we offer a matching solution for the desired memory upgrade to a customer who already tried unsuccessfully to upgrade elsewhere before.

Thanks to many years of experience, we have the competence and the knowhow to offer upgrades, 100% compatible to the given system specifications. Our customers can select from a broad range of support options: our homemade analysis tool RAMinator, detailed information in our web shop and blog, live chat or online support form – our experts are there for your queries in numerous ways. We are also at your service if there are initial difficulties when putting the RAM into operation. Within our return guidelines, we allow our business customers a return possibility as a gesture of goodwill. Needless to say that in the unlikely event when a return takes place, customers get their money back.

In order to spare our customers the procedure of returning, we are specialised in satisfying our customers with instantly matching memory modules, according to our company philosophy “Upgrade with Know-How”. For you, this means a return of non-matching modules is redundant, whilst for us there is no need to promote a money-back guarantee. The functioning of our modules in the system chosen by you is a guaranteed feature, which is part of the purchasing contract and not only an advertising message. When we guarantee 100% compatibility, you can rely on it!

What are your individual experiences with memory upgrades? What do you think about our way of thinking and acting? Please feel free to leave your feedback in below comment section.

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