Upgrades for Panasonic Toughbooks available at CompuRAM

Optimally prepared for the daily working routines - this you are with the Semi Ruggedized- or Business Ruggedized-Toughbooks of Panasonic. We are now offering the optimal upgrades for these perfect business devices.

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Mobile and robust notebooks from Panasonic – these are the toughbooks. From these exceptional devices you can get the maximum in performance with the suitable RAM upgrades.

RAM updates for Semi Ruggedized-Laptops of the series CF-54, CF-53 and CF-C2

The perfect balance between shock resistance and elegance you take along with a Semi Ruggedized-Laptop of Panasonic. The delicate components, like hard drive and display, are optimally protected in this robust and flexible all-rounder with a magnesium increased case. Even drops from a height of 76 cm are no problem for the hard drive because it is placed on shock-absorbing polymers. The groundbreaking technologies, which are combined in these unconventional devices, are extraordinary. You can optimally upgrade the memory of your Toughbook and, by doing so, keep up with the times. We offer you upgrades, which extend the RAM of your Toughbook to the maximum. The memory of CF-53 can be extended up to 16GB RAM, the CF-53 even up to 32GB. Moreover, your CF-C2 Convertible Tablet can be expanded up to 8GB RAM.

Upgrading the memory of your Business Ruggedized CF-MX4 and CF-LX3

To many this already happened in the hectic mobile working daily routine: A glass is knocked over and the fluid runs on the laptop keyboard. No problem for the Business Ruggedized Toughbooks. The water flows off on discharge channels, the electricity keeps totally dry. Because of special materials and cushioning pads it withstands pressure of up to 100 kg/f. Furthermore, the battery of toughbooks lasts long, with 14 hours operating time. The model CF-LX3 can be upgraded up to 8GB RAM, the CF-MX4 even up to 16GB RAM. A memory upgrade boosts the performance of this Toughbook massively.

Also available: Upgrade for Full Ruggedized Laptops CF-20, CF-19 and CF-31

The Full Ruggedized-device class of Panasonic also endures extreme working conditions. During operation, these laptops survive a drop from 180 cm height. They continue to run even during temperature drops to -20 °C and Sahara heat of 60°C. Severe tests and long lasting experience have proven of value by now, the devices are used for example in transport companies and at rescue services. Upgrade the CF-20 up to 32GB RAM. The CF-19 (depending on the model up to 16GB RAM) and CF-31 (up to 32GB RAM) can also be upgraded reliably and with 100% compatibility at CompuRAM. For the CF-D1 you will find the optimal upgrade in our database as well.

This is how the upgrade is working

Ruggedized Panasonic

Go to the following CompuRAM website. After you have chosen your model, select your upgrade.

If you don’t know exactly, which Toughbook system you own, then our RAMinator tool will help you to identify your system specs. You don’t have to install the software, only download it. Your system is analysed and afterwards you will be able to order your 100% compatible upgrade from us.

We also help you, when you are still unsure. Contact us over the hotline or over the contact formular.

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