DIMM, SO-DIMM & SSD - direct from the experts

What we offer ...

  • 20.719 certified RAM memory upgrades for server, workstation, laptop, notebook, ultrabook, desktop PC, industry PC, motherboard and mainboard

CompuRAM Memory Upgrades

  • JEDEC, Intel, CMTL, AMD compliant modules as DIMM and SO-DIMM components with SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 DRAM and SSD.

Notebook RAM

PC & Workstation RAM

What you get from us ...

CompuRAM Service

  • highest quality memory accessories and RAM spare parts
  • individual service and prompt order processing
  • short term delivery due to our extensive warehouse in Munich
  • advice and assistance by experts
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We guarantee ...

  • a ten year warranty for all our memory modules
  • memory that is 100% compatible with your system
  • reliability due to a strong quality management system

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