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This system can be upgraded to max. 512MB memory.
There are 2 memory slots.
Standard installed Notebook-RAM is 64MB (non removable).
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Notebook RAM & Memory upgrade » HP - OmniBook 500 (PIII/-M) (Celeron 500)

  • HP - OmniBook Series Notebook by HP (-Compaq)

  • Maximum RAM upgrade level: What is actually possible?

    If the maximum RAM upgrade - 512MB - we specify for the HP - OmniBook 500 (PIII/-M) (Celeron 500) notebook is greater than the figure specified by HP (-Compaq), this means that we have intentionally revised the figure upwards. The background to this is explained in our blog post ‘Maximise the maximum?’.

  • SSD upgrade - New power for your Notebook or Laptop

    SSD Upgrade more performance

    Replace your notebook hard drive with an SSD – using our SSD modification guide.

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