Maximise the maximum?

Our stated maximum configuration often doesn’t match the manufacturer’s specified maximum configuration. Maybe we made a mistake? No! Please discover our formula for success here.

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| Tom Bauer | 144 Replies
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Reasons why the maximum we quote for your system often exceeds the stated maximum of the manufacturer.

The more observant of our customers are very quick to tell us that our stated maximum configuration of their systems doesn’t match the manufacturer’s specified maximum configuration and ask whether we haven’t made a mistake. Our simple answer is NO! We have deliberately increased them. In the following article, we’ll explain how we come to our figures.

Device data meticulously stored since 1998

In order to be able to make an informed statement on the maximum memory capacity of a system, we have maintained an extensive system database, going all the way back to 1998. This contains detailed technical information on the systems available at any given time. Details of every component – from BIOS, CPU, memory socket, graphic board to chipset – are analysed. It is possible for us, even years later, to determine which memory module fits which system.

Why there’s room for more…

The reasons why it is often possible to install far more memory than the original manufacturer intended can be attributed to the following factors:

  • The density of the DRAM components, i.e. the number of bits that can be stored in a given space has dramatically increased. Today, memory offers capacities that would have been unthinkable or unaffordable, even a relatively short time ago. Unfortunately manufacturer’s specifications rarely take future, high density memory components into consideration.
  • Current BIOS versions are updated to take changes in the individual system components into consideration, in order for BIOS to fulfil its duties as the system’s control centre. The most current DRAM generations are supported, allowing them to be integrated into older systems.
  • Artificial limitations can also be unknowingly set by the manufacturer, through introducing errors or by putting too great a focus on other technical details. Limitations can also be deliberate, created by the manufacturer as a marketing strategy, to differentiate various models in the marketplace or, perhaps, because the larger memory modules were not available in large quantities. It is also possible that the pre-installed operating system is unable to address the maximum amount of installable memory. In such cases the system manufacturer may reduce the maximum installable memory, rather than replace the operating system with one, which can cope with a larger memory.

Using our know-how to gain more speed

Few system manufacturers continue to maintain data on their older systems. The manufacturer’s system specifications reflect the upgradability of system components, available at the time of the system release.
Thanks to the meticulously maintained data in the CompuRAM database, we are able to monitor the upward trend of the maximum installable memory and remove some of the limitations set by the manufacturers – to the benefit of our customers.

144 thoughts on “Maximise the maximum?

  1. River D.Gold

    hello, i have a aspire 4736z which is max at 8gb ram….can i upgrade it to 16gb ram?

  2. Jolanta

    Hello. I am restoring/upgrading an Inspirion 1721 with processor AMD Turion 64X2 TL-60 2.00 Ghz ,4 GB RAM and 64 bit Windows 7 enterprise. BIOS A05 (available upgrade to version A07 on DELL website). I am curious if it is possible to upgrade RAM to 8 GB?

  3. Petar Petrov

    Hello CompuRAM Team,

    I have got a Dell Latitude E6320 laptop. The manufacturer mentions 8GB max. Is it possible to upgrade to 16GB?


  4. Phil

    Hello, I have an acer aspire 7530g with 4gb preinstalled. it looks like 2 x 2gb of memory taking up both slots. I’m using windows 10 pro with a crucial 960GB SSD. Can I upgrade the ram and if yes, what’s the maximum I can do?


  5. Matt

    Hi there! I have an Acer Aspire 5532 currently with 4gb of ram, will it take 8gb? 2x sticks of 4gb? It’s a solid little machine and I’d like to maximise its potential.

  6. bill90803

    DEll Inspiron 660s, system shows 8GB, can this be increased?
    Thanks for your help.

  7. Miloš

    I’ve been using an older Fujitsu Esprimo V5505 with 2GB RAM. Your website is the only that states that it can take 8GB of RAM, of course if a 64bit OS is installed. Is this laptop the case described in the article (that is, for whatever of above mentioned reasons, it does actually support 8GB instead of 4GB specified by the manufacturer)?

    1. CompuRAM Redaktion

      Hello Milos,
      the system can be equipped with up to 8GB RAM. You can find the right modules for your system here.

      In our blog post “Maximise the maximum” (above) you will find detailed information why sometimes higher capacities than specified by the manufacturer are possible.

      Best regards from CompuRAM

  8. Giorgio

    Dear Sir,
    I have an acer ASPIRE Es1-521 87v7 max ram ??
    I saw that you say 32gb but i acer says max 16gb 🙁 is it really possibile upgrade to 32 gb ?

  9. Adil

    Hello dear techie
    I have an acer aspire 7736g with a factory fitted 4gb of Ram, and it slowed down a bit after windows 7 got upgraded to a windows 10 pro. Now matter where I go to research, the status is this…the Ram supported is a max of 4gb.
    I would like to salvage this machine because it still works and it has a big wide 17 inch screen for a laptop.

  10. fabrizio gorla

    My PC is an old Toshiba Qosmio x770-11T PSBY5E-02S00TIT.
    Can it upgrade from the present 8G to 16G 1600?

  11. Tristan

    I have ASUS Eee PC 1215P with 2x1GB of RAM (2GB in total). Can I upgrade the RAM to 2x2GB (4GB in total)?
    Thanks! 🙂

  12. Alain

    Can you confirm we can put in dell Workstation T3610 Tower,
    Max of 256 gb resp 512 gb with 8 LRDIMMs 240 pinn 32 orv64gb size module? Can we combine 4 x 16 gb lrdimm and 4 32 gb lrdimm to start with ?

  13. Ian


    What is the maximum memory an Acer Aspire 7750Z OS Win 10 pro 64 bit, can support and a HP Compaq 6910, OS Wn 10 Pro 64 Bit?



  14. Bhavesh salot

    in x3200 M3 IBM server, we try for 16 gb by installing 8 Gb * 2 no. ram of IBM with same specification, but in windows server 2012, it hangs at “UEfi starting” page,

    is it require bios update or any other thing?

    plz advice.

  15. Ramtin

    I have Sony VPCF215FX/B and I couldn’t find my model in your website. The official specification says that Maximum Supported RAM is 8Gb. I really hope I could Upgrade it to anything more than 8Gb. I know that the cpu on it supports up to 16gb of RAM.

    Do you have any information about if this laptop can handle more than 8Gb memory?


  16. Jomar

    My acer veriton n281g is currently 2gb i want to upgrade it, so what is the maximized capacity memory for my acer veriton??
    Best regards

  17. Pritesh


    I wanted to know whether my Dell Vostro V 130 can be upgraded to 8GB of RAM?

  18. Ugur Saygin

    Hello , I need to know maximum ram for ACER 5739G ( mainboard is ”DA0ZK6MB6D0 rev d” ) , can you help me ? 8gb memory can run with it without any problem? Thanks alot…

  19. Andrei

    i need to know the max ram configuration for a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1650G

  20. paol

    i need to know the max ram configuration for a lenovo x201 i5 cpu m560 2.67 ghz

  21. Edgar Palacios

    hi, i have dell latitude e7270 with 16 GB ram can i get 32? for this system I7 6600u CPU

  22. Spenser Hughes

    I have a Dell Vostro V131 and was wondering if there’s any way I could put 16gb of ram in it even though it only supports 8gb of ram? Thanks!

  23. Giovanni Casanova

    Hi Steve, I have extended to 12GB ram on this Samsung dp500a2d-a01uk (2 slots)
    But some claim that it will work with 2×16 too… What is the max I can run with CompuRAM ?
    Thanks !

      1. Vineeth Guccini

        What is the maximum RAm for Lenovo S340 series. The company claims 12 Gb. But whats the maximum?

  24. Nick D.

    Hello. can i use 16gb ram on my Acer Aspire 7750G ? ( P7YE0 LA-6911P, P7YE0 D90, 7750G-2414G50Mnkk, i5-2430M ) It appears to have physically two slots, although CPU-Z presents 4 slots. Thank you. Nick D.

  25. John

    I hv a HP Compaq 6715b, please what is the maximum ram upgrade i can use.

  26. Dana Anderson

    I have an inspiron 77. What is the max memory I can install in it?

  27. Jan MIchael Daylusan

    Hello Sir,

    My Laptop acer aspire v3-571g i5-3210M 2.5GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz

    Can you please tel me if 16gb Ram is applicable in this laptop? thanks

  28. Aleksandar


    I have DELL G5 5587 with i7-8750H CPU. The Dell says that the maximum RAM for this model is 32GB . I saw in your shop 64GB RAM (2×32) sticks that can be bought for upgrading of some DELL laptops that are the sam generation like mine, but they supports 64GB of ram with only 2 SO-DIMMs. Tell me please, can I upgrade my G5 with 64GB of RAM (2x32GB)?

    Thank you

    1. CompuRAM Redaktion

      Our sales department will contact you for the 64GB-Upgrade offer.
      many regards
      CompuRAM Team

      1. Pierre


        could you please ask your sales department to get in touch with me as well?

        I currently work with a Dell XPS 15 9750 with the six core i7 and would like know if the system would work with 64gb of ram.

        Thank you + best regards

  29. Eric

    My Lenovo ideacentre B300 is using 2GB+2GB ram with 64bit OS. Will it support 4GB+2GB or 4GB+4GB or 8GB?

  30. Max

    Hi I have an Acer Extensa 5630 Laptop. Using the CPU-Z software I am able to see that there is a DDR2 ram. It is PC2-5300 type. However under your search for RAM upgrade it is suggesting PC2-6400 type. I have currently 4 GB RAM (2 x 2GB) installed. Please let me know if the system would be capable of using 8GB if installed?

    1. CompuRAM Redaktion

      Hi Max,
      we recommend you use our own tool RAMinator to analyse your PC. It will directly lead you to the compatible modules for your system within the CompuRAM web shop.
      For your system, there is a maximum of 8GB RAM possible with CompuRAM upgrades.
      Best regards from CompuRAM

  31. Abdullah A Al-Nuaim

    Hi I need your help,
    I have Toshiba Qosmio X500-110 model and the manufacturer stated that the maximum expandability: 8,192 MB The current Ram that I have is 6GB (6,144 (4,096 + 2,048) MB) and the specifications are the followings:
    Samsung 2 Gb (1066MHz) 8500s SODIMM 1.5V
    Samsung 4 Gb (1066MHz) 8500s SODIMM 1.5V
    The processer specifications are :
    Type : Intel® Core™ i7-720QM Processor
    clock speed : 1.60 / 2.80 Turbo GHz
    Front Side Bus : 1333 MHz
    3rd level cache : 6 MB

    Please help me to upgrade it to 16gb if that possible or recommend for me what I can select.

  32. Michael Sonder

    I have an Acer Aspire 6935G with 4GB (2x2GB) 1066 MHz memory installed, as per manufacturer’s specs.

    How on earth did you manage to make it work with 8GB 1333 MHz memory?
    Which specific memory did you use to achieve this?
    Do you have any proof to back your claim?
    Like screenshots from CPU-Z.

    I find it impossible to believe it’s true (although I sincerely hope it is), since in all the forums I’ve checked, max memory anyone achieved to make it work was 6 GB 1066 MHz.

    1. CompuRAM Redaktion

      Hi Michael,

      we can assure you that 8GB will work in your system if you use CompuRAM upgrades.
      As explained in the article above, the maximum RAM information given by the manufacturers is often outdated – however, we consistently update these numbers.
      Regarding the clockspeed, it is always the maximum possible operation mode of a module that is indicated. Please read this blog article for further insights.

      Best regards,

  33. Justin Schelin

    VERY interesting and thanks for all your hard work! I have the same HP Z400 gen.2 (6 DIMM) as another noted in a previous comment/question… in maxing the max RAM to 48Gb, does the system require a BIOS update. If yes, is it a BIOS written/provided by Compuram through purchase of your modules? I have (HP max=24Gb)modules in my eBay cart- ALMOST checked out and decided, thankfully, to research further:} YOU ROCK!!

    1. CompuRAM Redaktion

      Hi Justin,

      it is recommended to update your BIOS to the latest version before upgrading your RAM. These are provided by the system manufacturers.

      Best regards from CompuRAM

  34. Leo

    Hello I have a Samsung Series 7 700Z5C with windows 10 and ssd drive upgrade. also replaced optical drive with another HDD. what is the maximum RAM I can upgrade to?

  35. mohamed kamal

    i have lenovo ideapad 330 8 GRAM i wont add new another ram 8 G beside old ram
    Is it possible or not ?
    and how many slot in board in lenovo ideapad330
    thank you

  36. Ben

    I have an HP Z400 6-DIMM latest version and bios. The maximum RAM that HP says is 24GB. So wold I be able to put 48GB?

  37. Gonzalo

    I have a Lenovo 3000 n500, Mainboard chipset GL40, southbridge 82801IM (ICH9-M) and BIOS Lenovo 6GET12WW(v.1.03). In the specifications the maximum is 4gb of RAM, can I put 8?
    Many Thanks,

  38. Jason Coll

    What is the maximum amount of ram can I put in my Inspirion 15 5579.

  39. Soo

    I have fujitsu AH531 i3 that company says max 8 but you said 16gb! also in the topic you said DDR3 1333MHz but my mine is DDR3 667MHZ.

  40. Mister G

    Asus N55SF Intel i5
    Nvidia GEFORCE GT 635M 2GB

    Can upgrade to 16GB? While max is 8GB?

    1. Dave

      Hello I have and asus G60JX core i5 with 4gb currently the max of the packaging is 8gb of ram can it support up too 16?

  41. Martin

    So maximum installable memory for SONY VAIO SVE1712V1EB would be 16 gb (2×8 modules) as you stated in your article? Sony says its 8 gb (2×4 gb). Your answer would be much appreciated.

  42. Eric Thai

    What is the max RAM for Toughbook CF-31 MK1? what type? (Couldn’t at this search) Thanks, Eric

  43. Slawek


    I have a Dell Vostro v130 with one slot of 4 GB RAM. Is it possibile to increase it up to 8GB?

    Best regards, Slawek

  44. WM Mak

    According to QNAP, the maximum supported memory for QNAP NAS TS-253B is 8GB (2 x 4GB).

    If I upgrade it to 16GB (2 x 8GB), can both the hardware and operating system really make use of the memory in excess of 8GB?

    I mean the system may report 16GB was installed, but it may not be able to use the additional memory in excess of 8GB?

  45. JF

    Does Dell E7270’s bios automatically supports newer 2800mhz or 3000mhz sodimms?

  46. Eric R

    How much RAM will a Dell 3540 support? It says 8g (2x4gig modules) Can I put in 2x8gig for 16 gigs of RAM?

  47. Ahmed Mostafa

    can i install 4GB memory on fujitsu siemens amilo pro v3515

    manufacture said memory up to 2 GB

  48. SAM

    Dear, Tom Bauer
    what is maximum RAM for my laptop ASUS N43SL-V2G-VX172D
    In official Asus website it said MAX 8 GB

  49. Sergio

    HP Compaq 6720s Series memory upgrades .
    can I use only one module of 4 giga ? So, if I need an upgrade in the future…
    Thanks in advance

  50. Vassilis

    Hello, I have read that my laptop a SONY VAIO VPCF13Z1E/B can utilize 16GB although the manufacturer states 8GB ram max. Since I would like to purchase the kit, I need to be sure that this is possible. Have you tested it on the the specific laptop? I live in Greece, in case that the kit is not installable how can I get a refund?


  51. Rafael Viegas

    Hello Sir How much maximum a ThinkCentre Edge 71 1577 RAM can support?

  52. Fred

    HI, I have a vaio vgn-bx397xp.

    It already works with 2gb RAM 2 gb 2Rx8 PC2-4200S DDR2 533MHz SODIMM.
    But it is not working with both of those memories.

    I would like to know if 4 Gb is really reachable (since on your website you sell 2×2 Gb for this computer), and if it is needed to modify something (hack or any procedure on the bios ?) and if yes, could you give me the exact procedure. Thanks !

      1. Fred

        Yes, I read, but it’s not an OS problem, it’s a BOOT problem (BIOS ?).
        The computer stucks with black screen when putting 2 memories inside. But when using one of them (both works) no problem.

      2. Fred

        Even 2 years after, I’m still waiting for your answer. Won’t buy until I’m sure your memories are working since for me it didn’t worked as I explained (each 2 gb memory is working fine if only one is used). See my previous answer. Thanks.

    1. Piyush Goel

      My laptop is x250 can I upgrade It to 16 GB RAM without any issues ??

      Or do I need to upgrade the BIOS?? And how do I do it

  53. Hiren Patel

    Hi is 8GB Module support to IBM Server System x3200 M3 -[7328I6S]- ???

  54. Andrew Burnham

    so just to be sure before I buy this…. you are saying that the dell inspiron 7559 I7 with the nvidia 960m is upgradable to 32 gigs correct? I do a lot of video rendering and a lot of digital art through intensive software suites and am willing to take the plunge into the 32 gig realm ONLY IF it will definitely work in this laptop. Please advise. Thank you.

  55. Rui Vieira

    I’m confused by this phrase on the manual for my supermicro H8QME-2: “Maximum memory: 128 GB DDR2-667/533/400 registered ECC SDRAM (256 GB for 8-way configuration). In a dual-CPU configuration, memory support is halved.”
    I have 4 processor installed. What is the maximum memory allowed? 128GB or 256GB?

    1. Tom Bauer Post author

      we double checked this issue. Maximum memory allowed are 128GB with 4-CPU-configuration. Unfortunatly our configurator showed 32 Slots, instead 16 Slots. With 16 Slots you can reach 128GB – build with 16 pcs 8GB modules.
      many regards
      Tom Bauer

      1. Rui Vieira

        Just one more thing: what exactly is this “256 GB for 8-way configuration”?

      2. Tom Bauer Post author

        8-core configuration is 4 pcs AMD with Dual Core CPU Opteron 8200 series.
        Theoretically can be addressed with this configuration 256GB RAM. Unfortunately, the necessary 16GB DIMM were never developed.
        Since this board has only 16 DIMM slots there are only 128GB maximum RAM.
        many regards
        Tom Bauer

  56. Steve Buck

    Is an 8 GB maximum memory applicable to my Asus Aspire 7736Z-4809?
    All other information says 4 gn is the maximum.


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