RAMinator – your free analysis tool

... provides all system information relevant for a memory upgrade and leads you directly to the matching modules.

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Our analysis tool RAMinator leads you to the matching upgrade within a few seconds.

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Only 4 Steps to get your memory upgrade! This is how it works:

Conveniently, the RAMinator does not have to be installed. Simply run it after the download.

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Start scan

Retrieve analysis results

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Our tool RAMinator scans your hardware and lists all system information that you/ we need for a memory upgrade. After the local system analysis, you can send these data via the RAMinator to our website for a more extensive analysis. Then, it usually leads you directly to the matching memory modules in the CompuRAM web shop.
After the scan, RAMinator provides an overview with all information relevant for a memory upgrade. These include:

  • System manufacturer
  • Product name
  • Operating system
  • CPU plus the number of cores
  • Current RAM size
  • Type of RAM

Afterwards, with a click on “Find system in CompuRAM database” you will be directed to the memory modules compatible to your system. You will also receive more information such as your system’s maximum RAM capacity when using CompuRAM upgrades, the applied memory technology (ECC, Unbuffered, Registered etc.) and special configuration advice.

In cases that are more complex such as upgrading a server or if your system is not yet listed in CompuRAM’s database, you can send the complete analysis report to our support team. The report contains further relevant information, e.g. regarding the current hard drive situation and the conditions for an SSD, with the help of which our support team will create a specific offer for you.

Hereto, you will be led to an online form, which you can complete with your contact data and send to us together with the automatically added report. Our staff will provide some reliable upgrade recommendations to you and will answer individual questions as well.

Starting the software requires no installation. You simply start the tool by double-clicking on the downloaded file RAMinator.exe.

  • Our tool will not change the settings of your system.
  • The software must be executed with administrator privileges; otherwise, the system-related information such as the type and size of the memory socket cannot be accessed.
  • After starting, our server will be contacted briefly to check for the presence of newer versions and, if necessary, to issue a corresponding note.
  • By clicking on “Start scan”, the system data will be determined. Our tool will not read out any personal data.
  • Basic information about your system is displayed in the RAMinator program window.
  • At the same time, a more comprehensive report (text format) is stored locally on your system and can be opened directly.
  • If you wish, the generated report can be transmitted to our server where it will be analysed. You will then be directed to the appropriate system from our database.
  • The software can be removed from the system by simply deleting the downloaded file. No separate uninstallation is required.
  • Starting the software does not require any installation.
  • The software can be removed from the system by simply deleting the downloaded file. No separate uninstallation is required.
  • By clicking on “Start scan”, the system data will be determined. Our tool will not read out any personal data.

Current version

RAMinator - Systeminfotool
RAMinator V2.0.1 (RAMinator.exe)
File size: ca. 1,6 MB
Languages: English, German, Italian

Download now for free

System requirements:

  • Microsoft™ Windows™ operating system with .NET framework 4.5
  • Virtual environments are not supported/li>

Microsoft™ Windows™ XP and older:

Other operating systems:

If you are using another operating system than Windows, our tutorials explain how to get the relevant system information easily:

What customers say about our tool:

The people are very competent and helpful. I then downloaded the Raminator (yes, that's the real name of the program and it's bombastically good) and in a few seconds I knew which components I needed... (via Google)
Everything is fine, I am very satisfied! The whole process (problem solution) is exemplary. Raminator is a hit.
Thanks to the nice little tool, found the right memory. Ordered and delivered in the shortest possible time. Rand work perfectly and old model is almost as new, thanks to 16 GB instead of 4 GB main memory.

41 thoughts on “RAMinator – your free analysis tool

  1. Jay

    I have Dell Lattitude 5580, ran the raminator tool and it says i will be able to upgrade to 64GB ram.
    64GB Kit (2x32GB) Latitude E5580 5000-Series memory upgrades (RAM) 2400MHz, Unbuffered, 1,2V

    I am in Sydney, australia. can you post it to australia. How much does it cost.

  2. halil

    hello. my notebook is asus vivobook x542urr. what is the maximum ram support you tested?

  3. Halil

    Hello. My notebook is asus vivobook x542urr. asus says ram support is 16 gb. your webpage says 64gb is maximum. is it tested?

  4. KAAN SY

    I would also like to learn:

    HP Omen 15-EK0002NT Intel Core i7 10750H 16GB 1TB SSD RTX2070
    max ram capacity ?
    max SSD capacity ?


  5. KAAN SY

    Hi there,

    I have
    HP Omen 15-EN1001NT Ryzen 9 5900HX 16GB 1TB SSD 8GB RTX3070.
    What I want to learn:
    max ram capacity
    max SSD capacity
    Also, I would like to have yours RAM and SSD Brand and product recommendations.
    I’m looking forward to your replies.

  6. konark

    “The file C:\Users\konar\Desktop\report_konark.txt couldn’t be created in the local filesystem.”
    I saw this message after running raminator as administrator.

  7. Jenn

    HP Pavilion 15-cs0042cl
    specs show max of 16gb RAM that I currently have installed
    Can I upgrade with the 2 slots I have?

    1. CompuRAM Redaktion Post author

      Dear Jenn,
      please run our free analysis tool “RAMinator” on your Pavilion and send us an inquiry.
      We will offer you the fitting modules.
      Kind regards from CompuRAM

  8. Mac

    Hi. My Dell 15 3000, corei5 has crashed due to BSOD. The tests I have done indicate a RAM of 3000 bytes. On opening it up I found that the two RAM slots are empty! The warranty has expired. I’m hoping to save my data by upgrading only the RAM at this stage. Is it possible that I could resolve my BSOD this way before upgrading the SSD too?

    1. Cam

      Question look is there two locations were ram is on the computer, if its a laptop which i think it is there could be two spots, also how in the word would your two ram sticks that that most likely has just disagree it seems a little odd

      1. Cam

        how in the world would the two ram sticks disagree is what i meant forget about the “two ram sticks that that most likely has just disagree it seems a little odd” auto correct messed me up a bit on there

  9. GJ

    hi – please can you advise whether possible to upgrade RAM for Lenovo IdeaCentre A310, and by how much (I think the device came installed with 4 GB RAM, and I want to check how much more RAM could it take)? I am running Windows 10 home, 64-bit. Also please advise which RAM would be suitable

    many thanks

  10. Matt

    Hi there,

    I have Lenovo 20L9001HUS/Thinkpad T580 with 16 GB Mem installed.

    Please any chance to upgrade to 128GB Mem ?

    Thank you.

  11. Yadiarfy Rizki

    Excuse me but can you add like a ssd and hdd upgrade recommendation too?
    I also need to know the up to or can I add upgrade more of these two.. But other than that, this app is superb

  12. Antonio

    Posseggo un asus k50lj / 1.0 con ram 4gb type DDR2
    Posso portarlo a º 16 gb

    1. Andreas

      Gentile Sig.Antonio,

      grazie per la vostra richiesta e per l´interesse ai nostri moduli di memoria.

      Abbiamo bisogno necessarie ulteriori informazioni per rispondere

      Con questo Tool è molto semplice.

      Grazie in anticipo

      Cordiali saluti,

      Andreas Bauer

  13. Sergey

    Hey. Should I configure BIOS after such upgrade? Raminator has been found possibility for twice-size ram update but didn’t say about BIOS configs.

    1. Sergey

      May be you will add this option – BIOS need to be matched in case of upgrade you intended for.

  14. Neil Buckingham

    Super idea easy to use ,just could not send back info on my inherited system for renewal costings

  15. Russel Blackbourn

    RAMinator, a really useful tool. Showed me exactly why I wasn’t seeing the full complement of memory expected after upgrade. Poor module seating!


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