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This system can be upgraded to max. 144GB memory.

  • This system is subject to special guidelines regarding the installation of additional memory upgrades. Please review your manual before placing an order, or contact our sales team. We are pleased to provide you with a compliant configuration.
  • The system has 3 channels per CPU with each 3 slots
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Server RAM & Memory upgrade » Fire X4270

  • Fire X-Series Server by Oracle SUN

  • What if the Oracle SUN Fire upgrade you’re looking for isn’t listed here? We’re prepared for that too.

    Can’t find the capacity you want for your Fire X4270 server or a specific memory module you need on our website? Please get in touch with your query.
    For reasons of clarity, we are unable to list all the many possible DIMM module versions and combinations individually on our website. The relevant Server RAM modules are nonetheless in our portfolio, and we are happy to deliver them to you at short notice.

  • Maximum server RAM upgrade level: What is actually possible for Fire X4270


    If the maximum RAM upgrade - 144GB - we specify for the Fire X4270 server is greater than the figure specified by Oracle SUN, this means that we have intentionally revised the figure upwards. The background to this is explained in our blog post ‘Maximise the maximum?’.

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