Photo Tutorial: Hardware Information by Mouse Click (Windows)

We show you how to screen the hardware of your Windows system using the freeware CPU-Z – without a screwdriver

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The free analysis tool CPU-Z gathers the main information on the components of your windows system in a few seconds and gives a reliable status quo of the existing hardware in a simple txt.-file. On this basis we interpret the system data of your PC and are able to give you a binding recommendation for an upgrade with CompuRAM-modules. If you expect an analysis tool like CPU-Z to give you concrete proposals for suitable system hardware upgrades, we must disappoint you. Not even the currently installed RAM-modules indicate how to upgrade your system.

Hereinafter we show you how to get all system data in a compact .txt-file by a few mouse clicks.

Step by Step to the Analysis File

CPU-Z will only provide you with comprehensive results if you run the program with administrator rights on the respective system.

1. Download Freeware

The freeware is available on the relevant download portals. We recommend you to download the tool directly at the manufacturer. Please choose the .zip-version that does not require any installation on your system!

2. Start Download

3. Open zip-File

Please open the .zip-file via Windows Explorer (standard)

4. Run CPU-Z

Now you have the choice between two application files (.exe). Please run the 32bit- or 64bit-version according to your operation system.


5. Create Analysis File

After a few seconds, the tool will have analyzed your system. Please choose the „About“-tab on the far right in the CPU-Z mask now. By mouse click on „Save Report“, you can save the complete analysis of your system data as a .txt-file at the desired location.


Our Service:

If you send this cpuz.txt-file together with your upgrade request and your contact data by e-mail to, we will analyse your system data and provide you with an offer for a compatible system-upgrade with CompuRAM-modules – during our business hours within only one hour.

Apple users will find a tutorial here.

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