Video-Tutorial: Analyzing memory and testing performance

With Prime95, your main memory can undergo a stress and stability test. Your RAM memory can be checked with our analysis tool RAMinator.

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In this vide,o we explain how to operate the tool Prime95 on your PC or notebook:

Prime 95 in use

Step 1:
Download Prime95 from the internet.

Step 2:
Unpack the download and start the included tool.

Step 3:
Choose one of the stress tests from the window “Run a Torture Test” . You can test your system to the limit with the configuration “Blend”. Start the respective test by clicking “OK”.
Step 4:
To end the test prematurely, first click “Test”, then “Stop”.

RAMinator as your analysis tool

To analyse your memory use our RAMinator tool. In our RAMinator tutorial you will learn step by step how the tool works.

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