Brexit approaches – how well is CompuRAM positioned?

Thanks to an established supplier network, CompuRAM will be able to guarantee product availability

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At the end of March, Great Britain plans to leave the European Union and as things stand, a “hard Brexit” has to be expected. In this case, custom and import regulations affecting the trade between the United Kingdom and Germany would come into operation, as it already is for goods traffic between EU members and non-EU countries. This could imply significant delivery delay due to the then necessary handling of clearance formalities.

How does this affect CompuRAM?

CompuRAM has built a strong international supplier network over the past decades. This means, that we can revert to several vendors for the very same product.
Therefore, CompuRAM does not expect any restrictions regarding its availability of goods. We will be able to ship the orders from our large warehouse to our customers as usual.

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