Live chat for even more direct support!

We don’t just want to help you in the most custom-fit and competent way, but also directly and especially fast! That’s why we have integrated a new feature in our website. With the live chat feature, you get a hold of us in real-time.

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It doesn’t matter, which page you are currently viewing, just click on the “Questions?>>Live chat!<<” notification on the bottom left side of the page. You can type questions into the chat window and send them to us. Our support will help you and is happy to advise! Perhaps you are looking for a special module or you are unsure, if your current system is compatible with the new component. Only two questions, which we can answer specifically with our longtime know-how.

By the way, you can also shift the chat window, if you e.g. want to completely view a product description. Just click on the window, keep the left mouse button pressed and transfer the chat box to the favoured positon.

If you don’t have any questions at the moment, you can minimise or close the live chat without any difficulty. To do so, just click on the particular symbol on the right top side of the chat window.

Live Chat

Of course, you can also talk to us on our support hotline or reach out to us via our online contact form.

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