Video-Tutorial: Defect memory? That’s how you check your RAM

With MemTest86 and the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool you can check your memory for errors. With these programs, a defect in your RAM can be found quickly.

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In this video we explain to you, how you test your memory for errors:

Running the Windows Memory Diagnostics

To check your RAM for errors, you can use the in-house Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool. The testing tool is available for Windows users since version Windows 7. Depending on the Windows operation system you use, the program is opened differently.

In Windows 7 and Windows 10:
Type “Windows Memory Diagnostics” into the Windows search bar. Then, open the found program.

In Windows 8:
Open the “Control Panel”, click on “System and Security” and then on “Administration”. Continue by opening the program “Windows Memory Diagnostics”.

Select the first option, if you want to start the diagnostics tool.

Error diagnosis with MemTest86

An additional RAM testing tool is MemTest86. You can download it for free on the manufacturer website. The tool reliably checks your system. In comparison to the Windows Memory Diagnostics tool, this program builds on a possibly buggy Windows installation.

We explain to you, how to test your PC with MemTest86:

Step 1:

Download MemTest86 from the manufacturer website.

Step 2:

Extract the file.

Step 3:

Install the ISO-File on a bootable medium, for example a CD. For this, put a blank CD in your drive, then click on the MemTest86 ISO file.

Step 4:

The writing of a bootable medium is very easy with the Windows burner for disk images. Click on “Burn” and wait for the process to finish.

Step 5:

Afterwards, please start the computer from the CD you just burned. For this, you might have to change the boot sequence in your BIOS.

Step 6:

Is your drive now booting from the selected drive, MemTest86 starts automatically. You only have to wait for the error diagnosis to end.

Alas, a defect in your RAM is irreparable. If errors are found in your memory, we are happy to advise youe concerning the replacement of the defective memory module. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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